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Popped into… Coffee and Juices in Amsterdam Baarsjes

Day before 2016 and getting my last few hours in behind the laptop before getting the festivities started.

Coffee & Juices

Baarsjesweg 302 | Amsterdam |
— 3/5 —

This spot has all the ingredients necessary for success. A neighbourhood booming with young families, two super markets next door, solid foot and bike traffic out front, and a welcoming, if not simple, motif.
Coffee & Juices carries Amsterdam’s own BrandMeesters coffee. Which is great for a cafe, with a broader scope than just coffee.

I had a Colombian filter, iced. This was served in a Ball Jar. I ended up ordering a second one while my companion ordered a flat white. Served right.

This cafe is a local gem. I recommend visiting any of the two locations. One on the Baarsjesweg and the other on the Hugo de Grootplein.

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Popped into… White Label Coffee in Amsterdam West

White Label Coffee

Jan Evertsenstraat 136
1056 Amsterdam |

Popped into White Label Coffee to get some work done this morning. To my pleasant surprise, found an old acquaintance and talented local artist Tom Kraanen behind the bar.

White Label is a minimalist yet cozy establishment that has a wonderful selection of pressure and filter coffees. I went for my standard double espresso, this time from Kenya, followed by a Colombian filter.

What I LOVED was that my filter coffee was served in a crystal whiskey glass, which was robust in size and allowed me to see the light muddy color of the brew.

Pay them a visit or visit them online. We will definitely be contacting them to partner up on BeanDealers.



Popped into… Lot Sixty One in Amsterdam Kinkerbuurt

Great start of the holidays! Had an insane amount of time off left to be used so I started my vacation on a Tuesday.

Lunch at Molenpad, coffee at Lot Sixty One.

Lot Sixty One

Kinkerstraat 112,
1053 ED Amsterdam |

Located in the booming old west of Amsterdam (Oud West), is Lot Sixty One. Owned by an Aussie named Adam. I won’t spend too much time reviewing this one because there are other more elaborate articles about this awesome establishment.

The coffees are spot on, the vibe is perfect for the location and while there might be an initial perception of pretentiousness, it fades quickly with the friendly service.

I’ll be trying to work at least twice a week for a few hours in my time off here and will review specific blends from this in-shop roastery.




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